Need some cash flow? Unlock the value in your items.

We offer a quick, discrete and hassle-free way to obtain a short-term loan for your peace of mind. We will lend you money on your personal items and keep them safe until you return. These items can include but are not limited to: jewellery, watches, fine art, antiques, cars, memorabilia, gold & silver, designer handbags, fine wine and more.


How it works:
1. You bring your item/items to with us we will first provide you with an honest valuation of your items.
2. If accepted we will then provide you with an immediate cash settlement. 

3. Your items will then be stored out of sight in one of our safes where they will stay until collection.


Having your item valued is always the first stop when deciding whether to pawn, sell or even keep. It can be a nerve-wrecking process and at Anthony's we aim to make it easy. This process is usually done in under 5 minutes and is extremely simple and straight forward. We give honest valuations based on years of experience, knowledgeably providing advice and an opinion as to the current market value of an item.

We also offer an insurance valuation service. This valuation enables the full replacement cost of a lost or stolen item.

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